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About ERAS

The Educational Research Association of Singapore (ERAS) was established in 1986 as a non-profit organisation to promote the cause of educational excellence in Singapore and the region via the conduct, promotion and use of relevant educational research.

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Conference Organizing Committee

Dr Chua Bee Leng


A/P Eddy Chong

 Secretariat Head


Asst/P Stefanie Chye

 Scientific Head

Dr Chue Kah Loong

Program Head

A/P Lim Kam Ming

 Publicity Head
Dr Samson Tan
 Logistics Head

Mr Tan Ying Kiat
Hospitality Head

Asst/P Amelia Yeo

Committee Members

Dr Yvonne Seng
Ms Joey Lim Li Ling
Ms Sibelle Teo
Ms Wu Yuhua Candy
Ms Yeo Young Muay, Jemima

Mr Paul Chua

Dr Ethan Wong
Mr Faisal Aman
Ms Goh Kee Choo
Dr Jarina Peer

Ms Ong Jia Yi
Ms Sofia Richard

Ms Lee Hwee Ann
Mr Sitoe Choon Yip Sunny
Ms Vanessa Goh
Dr Rebecca Chan
Ms Nur Salfiny Binte Johan

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